Monday, August 15, 2011

blah blah blah

nothing new really just thought id make a quick post
spread lats not legs

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

time to give cutting a try for the first time

hey fellas,

just been training the usual thought id write a small update, currently weighing around 91kg not feeling too good about my stomach so im trying to do cardio after my routines 30 minutes each day for now until i get used to it,
will be trying this for 12 weeks, always wanted to measure my bodyfat% happened to find out today my gym has some sort of machine for this and this was the result

I've been told this isnt 100% accurate but gives me a rough idea of where im at, this was after my back/bicep routine hoping after about 12 weeks to be around 8%
Also i just purchased a new pre workout supplement called APS Mesomorph so i will let you guys know how it is after a few weeks of how it feels.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

new personal best's

whats up everyone

hope everyone has been pushing themselfs as much as possible, ive only tried setting a higher bar as of last week and ive reached a little bit higher, just because i dont know weather to keep eating heavy or if its time to cut carbs and get a bit leaner cause summer will be here in november and im hopeless with cardio, anyway my little achievements are 

145kg /319lb7  deadlifts 

45kg/100lb db bench press - can probably get 110/120 next week if i eat right 

36kg/80lb db shoulder press 

40kg/88lb E-Z bar bicep curls

78kg/171lb tricep pressdowns - should aim more on CGBP 

mind you their all consistant not 1rm

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

getting back on track

Hey guys,

just been playing around with my training plan eating as much as I can,
trying not to count down the days but make the days count! ive resorted my training plan, also today I had my back day, with supplements i was able to do my max deadlifts exactly the same with no assist of the belt.

New routine
Day 1: Legs
Day 2: Chest / Triceps
Day 3: Back / Biceps
Day 4: Shoulders
Day 5: Arms

Also purchased some knee wraps this week to see if they can assist my right knee as it is hurting during my heavy sets of squats, if they dont work out il just give them to the next girl whos willing to get on her knees etc

Also heress a pic ive put on about 3kg and supplements give a bit of pump too

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update of supplements / intake.

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is still going strong, getting bigger stronger and faster, ive been able to keep the same weight and stats of lifting without supplements lately, only cause i order my stuff off ebay and i got scammed by one seller and the other just took a long time, got all my stuff this week so i thought i would post it up,

Also got an injury i think on my right knee, during squats im getting a bit of pain so i may give it a miss for a few weeks then try again once i have some wraps to support them

basicly this is what im having each day from now on, plus i got some glutamine 1500 today from a local chemist, also taking multivitamins and vitamin C

oN Hydro Whey Protein (Chocolate) - tastes decent dissolves well, low on calories and easy to drink

oN Gold Standard Casein Protein (Chocolate) - doesn't dissolve too easy in water, taste is pretty average, ends up in chunks unless you shake it VERY well or blend it, overall its tolerable but pretty iffy

Jack3d - one of my fav pre workout sups, this is a new formula i normally get grape but they sent this by mistake, tried it today still dissolves easily felt activation within 20-40 minutes, tastes decent helps you get through though heavy sets where you feel you cant make it.

Mucletech Cell-Tech Pro Series (blue raspberry) - normally when i think of raspberry i think of a good taste, this taste like crap wouldnt recommend it, ive been having it for a little while now so my taste buds are used to it, can feel activation around 30 minutes after consumed, does make you want to take a dump sometimes

basicly haven't posted in a long while cause iv'e had a lot go on in my life in the past month so just making the days count, hopefully with the supplements i'l be back on track to improvement, i want to reach 90kg/198lb before october then cut down for summer.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ongoing fight

hey guys, havnt been posting lately just been lazy really, trying to force my squats and deads up, squats are giving my right knee pains so i think i will get some wraps sometime this week to support that, also ive reached a new level with deads thanks to using a belt! it felt like i could do this at ease but the only issue is i cant get a stronger grip which is holding me back! anyway heres a pic to make everyone happy

Friday, April 15, 2011

fight to keep motivated

Hey guys havnt forgotten about this blog thing just havnt really posted up much since hanh doesnt really do many updates anymore which has kind of made me lose slight motivation as silly as that sounds.

About two weeks ago i got an injury doing SLDL's in the lower back, went to the doctors and they classed it to be a stress fracture in the lower back which made me take 5 days off gym, they recommended a fortnight to recover but i couldnt keep away that much, went through this week as per normal but when it came to back workout just made deadlifts much lighter, also with my routine throughout the week ive taken day 4 out instead of cardio ive seperated my day 5 which was shoulders / back.

Ive been realizing recently my weak points for building at this point are my arms, so im trying my best to get this up to scratch with the rest of my current physique, also another thing is that my shoulders are getting DOMS when i work them hard so that is something else i have to overcome,

will post again soon guys