Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update of supplements / intake.

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is still going strong, getting bigger stronger and faster, ive been able to keep the same weight and stats of lifting without supplements lately, only cause i order my stuff off ebay and i got scammed by one seller and the other just took a long time, got all my stuff this week so i thought i would post it up,

Also got an injury i think on my right knee, during squats im getting a bit of pain so i may give it a miss for a few weeks then try again once i have some wraps to support them

basicly this is what im having each day from now on, plus i got some glutamine 1500 today from a local chemist, also taking multivitamins and vitamin C

oN Hydro Whey Protein (Chocolate) - tastes decent dissolves well, low on calories and easy to drink

oN Gold Standard Casein Protein (Chocolate) - doesn't dissolve too easy in water, taste is pretty average, ends up in chunks unless you shake it VERY well or blend it, overall its tolerable but pretty iffy

Jack3d - one of my fav pre workout sups, this is a new formula i normally get grape but they sent this by mistake, tried it today still dissolves easily felt activation within 20-40 minutes, tastes decent helps you get through though heavy sets where you feel you cant make it.

Mucletech Cell-Tech Pro Series (blue raspberry) - normally when i think of raspberry i think of a good taste, this taste like crap wouldnt recommend it, ive been having it for a little while now so my taste buds are used to it, can feel activation around 30 minutes after consumed, does make you want to take a dump sometimes

basicly haven't posted in a long while cause iv'e had a lot go on in my life in the past month so just making the days count, hopefully with the supplements i'l be back on track to improvement, i want to reach 90kg/198lb before october then cut down for summer.



  1. I've been thinking of trying jack3d. Have you ever tried NO Xplode?

  2. i did try it a few times in my early days but back then i didn't really take notice nor appreciated supplements / pre-workouts to know how they worked, i'l probably give it another shot in the near future

  3. if you like jack3d, you should try C4 extreme. I'd say its comparable to Jack3d, but I personally get better focus with C4. Makes my skin crawl and tingle due to the beta alanine. good stuff