Tuesday, August 2, 2011

time to give cutting a try for the first time

hey fellas,

just been training the usual thought id write a small update, currently weighing around 91kg not feeling too good about my stomach so im trying to do cardio after my routines 30 minutes each day for now until i get used to it,
will be trying this for 12 weeks, always wanted to measure my bodyfat% happened to find out today my gym has some sort of machine for this and this was the result

I've been told this isnt 100% accurate but gives me a rough idea of where im at, this was after my back/bicep routine hoping after about 12 weeks to be around 8%
Also i just purchased a new pre workout supplement called APS Mesomorph so i will let you guys know how it is after a few weeks of how it feels.


  1. Don't worry too much about fat percentage. You don't have much. Just worry about keeping your diet clean and lifting good. Abdominals will develop with heavy compound lifts anyways. You can train them separately as well. Just worry about the overall instead of one specific area for now.

  2. thanks for the guidance hanh,
    this is the cleanest i've been eating in my life as of these past few months, i just felt that i may have been doing something wrong cause looking back at your photos im only around your size of the photos in 2007 maybe a few inches less on arms and upper chest development but i weigh say 50lb more so i was just concerned on why im like this.

    also im not sure if you saw my last comment on your latest post but your looking great, also asked if it's possible if you can ask andrew what supplements hes taking during his training before his comp