Friday, April 15, 2011

fight to keep motivated

Hey guys havnt forgotten about this blog thing just havnt really posted up much since hanh doesnt really do many updates anymore which has kind of made me lose slight motivation as silly as that sounds.

About two weeks ago i got an injury doing SLDL's in the lower back, went to the doctors and they classed it to be a stress fracture in the lower back which made me take 5 days off gym, they recommended a fortnight to recover but i couldnt keep away that much, went through this week as per normal but when it came to back workout just made deadlifts much lighter, also with my routine throughout the week ive taken day 4 out instead of cardio ive seperated my day 5 which was shoulders / back.

Ive been realizing recently my weak points for building at this point are my arms, so im trying my best to get this up to scratch with the rest of my current physique, also another thing is that my shoulders are getting DOMS when i work them hard so that is something else i have to overcome,

will post again soon guys

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