Monday, February 14, 2011

legs day

hey guys just keeping updates, had legs today, last year i was weighing at 87kg and my 1RM record for squats was 110kg which i was quite happy about, then i stopped for a while to avoid injuries, recently ive split up my weekly routine to have a legs dedicated to legs so heres how my day went

40kg x10
60kg x10
75kg x10
80kg x10
85kg x8

machine leg curls:
25 x10
30 x10
35 x10
40 x10

calf raises:
180 x10
220 x10
260 x10
280 x10

seated leg extensions:
54kg x10
60kg x10
68kg x10
72kg x10

will weigh myself at the end of the week, have a feeling all this rice has made me look a bit worse

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