Wednesday, February 2, 2011

feb 02 11

hey guys, just thought id try update a bit about how im going and what ive been eating,
since ive been taking jack3d ive realized how much some of my lifts have improved! may be cause im doubling up on creatine though not too sure,

today went to gym around 5pm did chest work,

3x 10

3x 15

Bench press
20kg x15

Flat bench DB press
12x 65lb
10x 70lb
10x 75lb
6x   80lb
8x   85lb

Incline DB press
10x 65lb
10x 70lb
7x   75lb (struggled so dropped down weight)
10x 65lb

Seated flys

Leaver incline press
10x 40kg
10x 45kg
10x 50kg
8x   55kg

also heres some pictures of some various meals ive been eating, their not in any kind of order.

pushing myself as much as possible but seems to be everything i work on doesnt look like its getting bigger and my back/shoulders are going out of proportion! also started getting pains in my left shin since ive started doing a little bit of cardio


  1. Food looks okay. Give it some time.

    How is the sleep? Water intake? I noticed you're using creatine so water intake is very important. It packs water outside the cell into the inside of the cell.

  2. sleep is around 7-9 hours a night, water intake is around 5 litres a day so that would be something like 1.3 gallons in your measurements ? i cant drink any more spend enough time at work going back and fourth to the toilet haha

  3. oh also just to fill in the timeframes of eating i think i might have peanut butter sandwiches as one cheat meal but not sure what to have between lunch and dinner as of yet

  4. I dont know what else to tell you but to give it some time. From what you're telling me and your food seems okay.. it seems you're doing everything right.

  5. thats cool at least i know im not completely in the wrong, i guess i just get impatient since the first 6 months of training you see gains quickly and now my body is getting used to the same work and movement its getting harder for me. as far as getting more help from you is there a way i can private message you or something as far as routines and discussion of other foods?