Tuesday, February 8, 2011

feb 09 11

nothing special to post up here, just had my first morning session since work has changed my shifts to night, i only ate breakfast so i thought id double up on creatine, felt great on chest session! definately pushed myself to my limits couldnt help but walk out the door with a smile on my face before i was using jack3d my max weights for db press was about 75 and struggling to get 10 reps, now i can do 85 all day no problem, tried 90's but the handles were thinner which makes it harder for me to get a grip but i still did 4 reps before giving up anyway heres my days work

3x 10

3x 15

Flat bench DB press
35x  12
65 x 12
70 x 12
75 x 10
85 x  9
90 x  4 (couldnt push any harder dropped back)
85 x 10

Incline DB press (went downhill from here, i always feel so worn down after finishing first routine on DB press)
70 x 10
75 x 6
75 x 8
80 x 4
75 x 6

Leaver incline press
20kg x 12
25kg x 12
45kg x 10
50kg x 9
55kg x 10

Seated flys

also heres some pics of various foods and a recent one of me, bad quality due to iphone and trying to take it myself =X

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