Thursday, January 27, 2011

start to a long journey

Hi guys thought id make a blog to keep track of where im at in life,

not quite sure if anyone will read this other than myself not that it really matters to be honest, anyway moving on
date is 27 jan 2011 11:32pm in Australia AEST10+ and heres a little bio about myself
name: David
age :20
weight: 85kg/187lb
bf%: unsure? never knew how to measure
dietary: well food isnt a strong point of mine, used to be very picky didnt eat vegetables much, starting as of this year, mostly keep around beef, steak, chicken, mince and dairy

Heres a picture of my upper body 21/03/2010
rear 21/03/2010, think its the picture that made my body look like a very different proportion

most recent pictures from 5/01/2011 at 85kg / 187lbs

anyway the point of this is blog is for me to have somewhere to host up pictures of what im eating, what i looked like at this time of the year so i have something to look at so il definately be taking snaps with my iphone of my lunch and stuff more often. Ive been training for about a year now, started around jan-feb 2010 just felt the need to occupy my free time with sometime for filling now it just feels like a hobby, natural even. last year i never took any type of supplements started off at 73kg and went up to 87 around october, cut down to 82kg around november and as of december/jan I decided il try something different this year

The current supplements im taking are
Optimum Nutrition Hydro Whey Chocolate, tastes ok for something done with water, imagine it would be better with milk if wanting to bulk but if that was the goal you would be using something different...
Super pump 250, its not too bad i got the orange flavor, a lot of artificial coloring and such, it does the job i guess until i discovered this 

last of all Jack3d, just got this on 26/1/11, arrived at the doorstep which happened to be same day as when i do chest work, this year ive realized its a real weak point for me and i thought id give this a try and i couldnt believe how much pump i got! really made a difference
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i guess my goals for the future is just push myself to my limits and see how far i can get, if i will keep going till im too old and frail or lose interest ? either way im in this for the long run and wont be giving up anytime soon,
anyway thats all for now, would appreciate any kind opinions or feedback, would also like to see others blogs! take care.


  1. Good post. Don't worry about views. When you make good results people will want to see. Nobody looked at me walking in the gym at 117 lbs when I started. So just be patient. Let me know what I can help you with. We can work on improving your diet first. I think you're on the right track for supplements.